Pollo AcapulcoA complete Mexican meal that is similar to a fajita with seared chicken and onion strips in a white cheese sauce with a side salad and Spanish rice.
Chicken and PeasThis started as a recipe from my stepmom. She grew up on a farm in southern Indiana and would make this for us but hers was dredged in flour and more like an oven fried chicken. I am trying to be a bit more healthy and eat a low carb diet so I removed the flour and honestly, I don't miss it. This is still a really good chicken recipe thats super easy to make.
Voodoo Chicken with Gris Gris SauceJust in time for Halloween, a dish that will curse you with fried chicken in a buttery sauce and tons of heat! Simple Cajun breaded chicken on a bed of white rice with a side of a spicy beurre blanc sauce. So simple and good but with a sneaky heat that was like magic and would have you mopping your forehead with your napkin.
Tongdak: Whole Roasted ChickenThe bird,preferably organic, is stuffed with a distinctly Korean trio of whole garlic cloves, ginger and scallions. Once roasted in a cast-iron skillet, pair the tender meat with soy sauce-pickled vegetables, water radish kimchi and pretty much anything fermented.
Chipotle ChickenChipotle chilies are smoked jalapenos and they impart a distinctive flavor to this dish, but remember that they are still hot.
Pickle-Brined ThighsNever throw out the juice left behind in a dill pickle jar. It's a bit like liquid gold, flavored by the pickles and perfectly salty for brining. This recipe delivers juicy meat with a zingy tang encased in a crispy coating.
Jerk Chicken PastaA beautiful fusion of Italian and Caribbean flavors. Jerk chicken, farfalle, mushrooms, and asparagus in a white cream sauce.