Italian StallionWhat do you get when you cross an italian sub with a hamburger? An amazing sandwich!
Chicken and PeasThis started as a recipe from my stepmom. She grew up on a farm in southern Indiana and would make this for us but hers was dredged in flour and more like an oven fried chicken. I am trying to be a bit more healthy and eat a low carb diet so I removed the flour and honestly, I don't miss it. This is still a really good chicken recipe thats super easy to make.
Spaghetti MangiafuocoNamed after a character in Pinocchio this rustic pasta dish is supremely flavorful and quick and easy to make. Fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, and parsley bring the sauce to life.
Early Girl BennyGrit cakes topped with country ham, tomato, spinach, poached eggs, tomato gravy and avocado, served with toast or a homemade biscuit.
Ham-Burger with Adobo Cheese Sauce and Apple Smoked BaconI figured it's called a hamburger so it should be made with ham! Hamburger made with pork instead of beef. Because ground pork is a a bit light on flavor the other ingredients have to be powerful enough too pull it all together. Chipoltle adobo cheese sauce and hardwood smoked bacon do that very well.
Tomato SauceThis is the sauce that my grandmother Concetta made for the entire family when we gathered at my grandparents' house for Monday dinner.