Deviled Pork Chops with Arugula & MandarinsNicely spicy mustard marinade gives this grilled pork chop a great flavor. Paired with the peppery arugula, citrus, and nutty flavor in the salad dressing this makes a great quick meal and is even better if you double up and share with a friend. If you do want this for two, no need to double all the ingredients just the chops, lettuce, and oranges, the marinade and dressing already can be stretched to two dishes.
Italian StallionWhat do you get when you cross an italian sub with a hamburger? An amazing sandwich!
Ham-Burger with Adobo Cheese Sauce and Apple Smoked BaconI figured it's called a hamburger so it should be made with ham! Hamburger made with pork instead of beef. Because ground pork is a a bit light on flavor the other ingredients have to be powerful enough too pull it all together. Chipoltle adobo cheese sauce and hardwood smoked bacon do that very well.
Balkan BurgerThis 3 meat patty has gained notoriety all across the world with no stop in sight. Chicago, New York, and Johannesburg have all become big fans of this sandwich.
Grilled New Carrots with Maple and DillCarrots might not be the first vegetable that comes to mind as a good fit for the grill, but trust me on this one.The pairing of smoke with the root vegetables natural sweetness and the audition of maple syrup and dill may just become a new classic American side dish-at least it will at my barbecues.
Black and Blue BurgerCrispy outside, warm pink center, smokey bacon, and creamy blue cheese. The richest hamburger in the land!