Vegetable SaladThis is a real easy dish to brink to a pot-luck, colorful and looks good next to any entree!
Grilled New Carrots with Maple and DillCarrots might not be the first vegetable that comes to mind as a good fit for the grill, but trust me on this one.The pairing of smoke with the root vegetables natural sweetness and the audition of maple syrup and dill may just become a new classic American side dish-at least it will at my barbecues.
Speķa Rauši (Ham Rolls)A Latvian version of pīrāgi these rolls have ham and onion in them but you can substitute anything you like.
Parsley RiceTurn your boring white rice into something you will be proud to plate next to your entrees.
Red CabbageThis sweet and tart side goes great with almost any German dish and other hearty meals.