Tomato SauceThis is the sauce that my grandmother Concetta made for the entire family when we gathered at my grandparents' house for Monday dinner.
RemouladeGreat with crab cakes, tuna cakes, and salmon patties. It's great to dip your shrimp, fish and chips into. Actually it is good alongside any meat. It makes a mean salad dressing too, like a spicy thousand island. Use it as a sandwich or hamburger topping.
It’ A DillyThis is a remake of McCormick's "It's a Dilly!" Spice mix that was discontinued a few years ago.
Tartar SauceYou can't serve fish with out this tangy dipping sauce.
Hot Caramel SyrupWarm caramel syrup and cookies make any store bought ice cream more exciting. It almost works as a magic shell and melts some ice cream while it hardens around the rest.
Seasoning SaltAnother nice assist from the Jazz Cooker's own Cajun cookbook.