The Great Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook

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March 19, 2018
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More than 100 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Storebought and Homecooked Chicken

by Eric Akis

For those who love rotisserie chicken--fresh off the spit at home or hot from the supermarket--this value-priced book is a one-stop guide to delicious everyday meals. The Great Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook features not only tips on how to buy chicken and set up a rotisserie but also recipes for flavorful rubs and more than 120 quick and easy recipes to make and serve with roasted chicken.

Rotisserie chicken has become a staple in supermarkets across the country, pre-cooked and ready to take home for a quick and healthy meal. The Great Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook provides recipes for salads, side dishes, and breads to serve on a night that you need to get dinner on the table right away. For nights when you have leftovers, there are mouth-watering soups, salads, sandwiches, rice dishes, pastas, and entrees that use chicken as an ingredient. And for days when you have more time, there are tips and tricks for roasting your own chicken on a rotisserie at home. These are meals made with readily available ingredients that come together from stove to table in 1 hour or less.

TSG Review

This book looks like something I can get behind; purchase or cook a whole chicken then use it to make all kinds of different recipes through out the week. I hope it taste as good as the pictures look! There is a section on preparing your own rotisserie chicken that I'm going to skip because I don't have a rotisserie. I did look over this part of the book and there are 10 different flavored chickens like traditional, jerk, and Morroccan. I was a bit disappointed to see that the recipes appear only to change the flavors and not anything else, Would have been nice to see a brining or smoking process before putting the chicken on the rotisserie.

Besides the chicken recipes there are recipes for sides and breads and biscuits that look promising.

I followed all the recipes exactly as written.

Chicken Avocado Sushi Rolls

makes 24 piece

I have never had chicken in sushi nor have I ever made sushi myself but this turned out to be a very cool experience. I wasn't unable to find a sushi mat so I when online to and found alternative like a tea-towel, Then I saw some sushi maker contraption and it was made of silicon so I thought I would try my silicone baking mat. That worked really well and and unlike the bamboo mats I didn't need to waste plastic wrap.

Fairly simple recipe that only took only as long as it takes to cook rice to make. Tasted great and I really liked the idea of chicken instead of fish in my sushi roll.

Creamy Chicken and Leek Soup

Serves 4

This is a very rich soup made of a few simple ingredients. Leeks, cream and chicken. Not much to say about it because it's just so simple. It tasted so creamy and leeky.

Rotisserie Chicken with Green Onion Mashed Potatoes and Mustard Sauce

Serves 4

Another easy recipe that looks like you spent all day making it. The hardest part is waiting the 20 minutes for the potatoes to boil. Again this is really rich and creamy. The light tarragon flavor goes really well with the chicken and potatoes. The mustard sauce works overtime as a gravy for the potatoes. A really good dish to impress someone.

No-fuss Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas

Serves 6

This is a bit of a different way to make enchiladas, most of the time I have seen them they are stuffed together in a casserole dish, these are spread out on a baking sheet to cut down on the reheating time. The name of the recipe is true to the authors word, it is no-fuss. Took me about ten minutes to tear the chicken, mix up the ingredients and roll them in the tortillas. Down side, it makes enough for 6 people but would be really easy to cut in half. Store bought, baked beans, chicken, shredded cheese, and salsa it couldn't be easier to make while tasting like you have been cooking all day.


This book has a space on my bookshelf from now on. The recipes may not be TSG small, some of them are for 8 people but only a few -- most serve four. These recipes are quite easy to cut in half and make it for two instead. and you can buy that one chicken and make four or five recipes from it! Feed yourself all week with new dishes from one bird!

On average the recipes are quite simple with just a few ingredients and easy to make. Because the chicken is already cooked the recipes are finished in a fraction of the time the similar recipes take in other books. I have to say that this is a definite must buy for me. Instead of the 3 recipes I would make from roasted chickens, I now have an arsenal of options to choose from.