The Elements of Pizza

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April 14, 2018
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June 1, 2018

Unlocking the Secrets to World-Class Pies at Home

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Good pizza is magic.

Something indescribably wonderful happens when you combine crust, tomato, and cheese and bake them to melted perfection. In this highly anticipated cookbook, Ken Forkish—owner of the beloved restaurant Ken’s Artisan Pizza in Portland, Oregon; the James Beard and IACP Award–winning author of Flour Water Salt Yeast; and one of the most trusted baking authorities in the country—proves that amazing pizza is within reach of any home cook.

The Elements of Pizza breaks down each step of the pizza-making process, from choosing a dough to shaping your pie to selecting cheeses and toppings that will work for your home kitchen setup. Forkish offers more than a dozen different dough recipes—same-day “Saturday doughs” that you can make in the morning to bake pizza that night, levain doughs made from a naturally fermented yeast starter, and even gluten-free dough—each of which results in the best, most texturally sublime crust you’ve ever made at home.

His clear, expert instructions will have you shaping pies and loading a pizza peel with the confidence of a professional pizzaiolo. And his innovative, seasonal topping ideas will surprise and delight any pizza lover—and inspire you to create your own signature pies, just the way you like them.

TSG Review

Pizzas are something I definitely need improvement on. This book might be really helpful for me. I have to say the a cursory glance through the book the recipes all seem very similar. The book teaches you how to make your own dough, lots of recipes, again all looking very similar.

I followed all the recipes exactly as written.

Single Dough Ball

makes 1 dough ball

Easy to do but not really practical. If you are going to make dough you might as well make a bit more and share it with neighbors if you can't eat it all yourself. Using such small amounts is hard to measure even with a kitchen scale.

24- to 48-Hour Pizza Dough

makes 3 regular or 5 thin-crust dough balls

Standard pizza dough recipe turned out pretty good. One of the easier dough recipes to make and only has three ingredients.

Basic Tomato Sauce, Two Ways

makes 3 cups

A real simple tomato sauce made with only canned tomatoes and salt. The two ways refer to making it with a blender or a food mill.

Prosciutto and Bufala

makes one 12-inch pizza
Interesting pizza where the cheese is softened more than melted and you put the prosciutto on after cooking then drizzle with some olive oil. I would have preferred to crisp up the prosciutto but I can see some people liking the softer texture.

Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Onion Pizza

makes one 12-inch pizza
This recipe is a two step process where you "par-bake" the pizza with just half the tomato sauce on it then you remove it from the oven and add the toppings. All you have to do next is broil the top. This process resulted in a very crispy crust and perfectly bubbly cheese! The mushrooms where cooked beforehand with some garlic and that added the most amazing subtle flavor.

The Tommy Habetz Pizza

makes one 12-inch pizza
The vinegar dipped cherry tomatoes add a nice fresh flavor and out of all the pizzas I have ever had I have never put a salami on it instead of was really nice. Not as spicy or hot as pepperoni and doesn't take over the flavors.Topped off with mozzarella and lightly cooked onions. This was my favorite from the book.


Although very good with a lot of helpful tips about pizza making most of the recipes where just Margarita pizzas with slight alterations. Here is a Margarita pizza with caciocavallo cheese, a Margarita pizza without basil, a Margarita pizza with arugula. Not very useful as a recipe book when all the recipes are so similar. On the other-hand, the more inspired recipes they got really right. Sauteing certain ingredients before putting on the pizza with garlic or tossing them with vinegar ads amazing flavor notes you may have never experienced on a pizza before. I honestly believe I have made some of the best pizzas I have ever eaten using this recipe book. It took practice and the first few were not that good but now that I have some practice I am making amazing pizzas.