Secret Ingredient: Trappy’s Hot Sliced Jalapeno’s

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November 22, 2016
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December 5, 2016

Trappey's is know for there Hot Sauces like Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce, Bull Louisiana Hot Sauce, and Indi-Pep Pepper Sauce . It  is one of the oldest hot sauce brands in the United States. It was originally produced by Louisiana-based Trappey's Fine Foods, Inc. but Trappey's was eventually purchased by B&G Foods in 1997. One of the things Northerners don't associate with them is that they make-possibly-the best pickled jalapeños on the planet. They use a cold-packing process that keeps the freshness and crispness of just picked peppers and if you get the jar of their "HOT" peppers they are as hot as fresh peppers without the dilution of heat and flavor that happens in the other brands.

The down side to these amazing little firebombs is that they can be pretty hard to find depending on where you live. Many of my grocery stores have changed distributors and no longer carry Trappy's. I think the only place I can get it locally is now at Walmart. You can get it online by clicking the Amazon link above (and supporting this site) in 6 packs and even 12 packs. When I do buy it online I end up handing a few out to fellow lead tongues like me. Their packaging can be a bit tricky too. They have a bottle that doesn't have the tiny HOT word on it an those just aren't as fun. The other bottle I accidentally get occasionally is the whole jalapenos. They look just like the other ones except the jar is missing the tiny sliced word on the label. I don't like them because I have to slice them myself and the way they are packed it seems like you end up with less peppers and more water that way. So if you want to get the ones I like make sure it says Trappy's HOT SLICED Jalapeños.

Besides topping my cheese and crackers with these disks of burning love, I use them in many recipes. Chop them up in cheese spreads to add some powerful heat. Consider using the juice to bring a tang and heat to stuff like bean dip, coleslaw, vinaigrettes, or anywhere else you might use vinegar. Appetizers like nachos and potato skins can always use a jalapeno slice on them too. They are a great replacement for fresh peppers when chopped up in dishes like salsas and relishes.

If your brave enough add them to unexpected recipes like corn bread, cookies, potato salads or ice cream–if you dare!

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