Secret Ingredient: Better than Bullion

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July 10, 2017
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October 28, 2017
This has a superior flavor when compared to bullion cubes or powders, it cost less and takes up less space than broths and stocks. When you add in that it has almost 20 varieties and the applications are more varied you would be silly not to try it. These Better than Bouillon 8 or 3 ounce jars contain a thick paste where a teaspoon of the stuff mixes with a cup of water to make a perfect broth. When you realize that most of the top brands of liquid broth make their products from the same condensed base too, your saving yourself tons of money and pantry space doing it yourself. I also like using it without adding water to flavor up certain dishes. Add any one of the bases to hamburger or meatloaf meat, mix it into sauces. gravy, or dips. With so many bold flavors in there selection:
Roasted Chicken, Seasoned Vegetable, Roasted Garlic, Ham, Roasted Beef, Chili, Clam, Fish, Lobster, Mushroom, Turkey, Au Jus,  Organic Roasted Chicken,  Organic Mushroom,  Organic Turkey,  Organic Seasoned Vegetable,  Organic Roasted Beef.

They even have vegan and reduced sodium versions.
Give it a try yourself in one of these recipes!

The Roasted Beef Base or Au Jus is used to add that meaty umami that you expect in this golden onion dip.

Golden Onion

You can use the Ham base and canned beans if you want to skip hours of cooking time

Ham & Beans

The Roasted Chicken Base really ramps up the richness in this Louisiana style bean soup

Black Bean Soup