Pulled Pork NachosSmoked pulled pork, black beans, tomatoes, onion, jalapeños, sweet corn, and cheddar cheese piled atop a bed of tortilla chips and drizzled with classic BBQ sauce and ranch.
Watermelon SaladChunks of cool watermelon, feta, mint and syrup make a refreshing summer salad.
Watermelon BruschettaBaguettes topped with whipped feta cheese, a mixture of tomatoes, watermelon, and cucumber, crumbled candied walnuts, and basil.
Little BeersThey may look like little beers but taste like slightly melted vanilla ice cream and a hint of liquor to me.
Doris SeymourThis sundae is an homage to a classy couple we used to know, Doris and Seymour. (Seymour. S'more. Get it?)