House DressingTangy and sweet this house dressing is great for any salad.
Voodoo Chicken with Gris Gris SauceJust in time for Halloween, a dish that will curse you with fried chicken in a buttery sauce and tons of heat! Simple Cajun breaded chicken on a bed of white rice with a side of a spicy beurre blanc sauce. So simple and good but with a sneaky heat that was like magic and would have you mopping your forehead with your napkin.
RemouladeGreat with crab cakes, tuna cakes, and salmon patties. It's great to dip your shrimp, fish and chips into. Actually it is good alongside any meat. It makes a mean salad dressing too, like a spicy thousand island. Use it as a sandwich or hamburger topping.
Black Bean ChiliA very beany thick chili with a hint of cinnamon that will keep you warm in the winter AND in the summer is amazing to make chili cheese dogs with. Put it on a hamburger bun and It also makes a mean Sloppy Joe.
Seasoning SaltAnother nice assist from the Jazz Cooker's own Cajun cookbook.