Tequila Beef StewThe addition of tequila, tomatoes, and cilantro and trading out the potatoes with chickpeas this is a nice Tex-Mex twist on beef stew to warm you up on a cold winters day. 
Chipotle ChickenChipotle chilies are smoked jalapenos and they impart a distinctive flavor to this dish, but remember that they are still hot.
Black Bean ChiliA very beany thick chili with a hint of cinnamon that will keep you warm in the winter AND in the summer is amazing to make chili cheese dogs with. Put it on a hamburger bun and It also makes a mean Sloppy Joe.
Ham & BeansEasy recipe to make, fills you up, inexpensive, and is great on chilly days.
Mexican Chicken ChiliUnbeatable chicken chili with lots of ingredients but simple to make. The flavor gets intensified by reducing the liquids and using fresh herbs to add a bright note.