Deviled Pork Chops with Arugula & MandarinsNicely spicy mustard marinade gives this grilled pork chop a great flavor. Paired with the peppery arugula, citrus, and nutty flavor in the salad dressing this makes a great quick meal and is even better if you double up and share with a friend. If you do want this for two, no need to double all the ingredients just the chops, lettuce, and oranges, the marinade and dressing already can be stretched to two dishes.
Jerk Pork with Pineapple RelishThe grilled flavor of jerk seasoning and pineapple relish that adds a sweetness that goes really well with the heat of the rub.
Twice-Cooked PorkSure you can get takeout of the same thing at your local Chinese restaurant but it will not be this good.
JagerschnitzelServe with thick noodles, potatoes, or another German favorite of mine Red Cabbage.
CurrywurstA spicy tomato curry sauce coats your favorite German Sausage.
Mesa Pork LoinsPork loins served on a bed of pan fried corn then topped with a lime sour cream.
SpagettironiVermicelli noodles and marinara sauce but instead of meatballs this recipe uses big chunks of pepperoni.