Honig Lekach (Honey-Flavored Sponge Cake)Its texture is light and the honey flavor subtle, nicely balanced with lemon and brandy. Serve it with tart fruit preserves, especially orange marmalade, or with baked apples.
Chocolate Chip CakeAs a kid I preferred cookies over cakes so, for a few preteen years, my birthday cake tasted like a cookie when we were at Grandma's over the summer. 
Aunt Fanny’s Buttermilk PieIf you're not familiar with it, buttermilk pie is made with a creamy custard. Some call it sugar pie down here. From the book Country Cooking from a Redneck Kitchen.
Brownie KrinklesSoft as a pillow and rick with chocolate, with a light layer of powdered-sugar sweetness.
Doris SeymourThis sundae is an homage to a classy couple we used to know, Doris and Seymour. (Seymour. S'more. Get it?)