Thai Shroom Frisco MeltThis Frisco Melt has a garlic and spicy kick from the sriracha and mellow sauted mushroom flavor.
Tongdak: Whole Roasted ChickenThe bird,preferably organic, is stuffed with a distinctly Korean trio of whole garlic cloves, ginger and scallions. Once roasted in a cast-iron skillet, pair the tender meat with soy sauce-pickled vegetables, water radish kimchi and pretty much anything fermented.
Irish Egg RollsA great way to use leftover corned beef from St Paddy's Day!
KatchumberChopped Salad of Tomatoes, Cucumber, and Red Onion
Twice-Cooked PorkSure you can get takeout of the same thing at your local Chinese restaurant but it will not be this good.
China DressingGive salads an oriental flavor with this soy and sesame flavored dressing.