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March 28, 2014
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May 16, 2014

The Art of Grillin' and Chillin'

by Ted Reader

World Famous BBQ chef Ted Reader combines his favourite passions — beer & BBQ — and launches his most daring collection of grilling recipes yet!

In this cookbook you will find recipes from Ted Reader, his family, friends and fans. Each recipe is made with a different beer that Teddy chose for unique reasons and flavours. He believes that the essence of great backyard grilling and smoking comes from having fun and if you know Ted, you know that he lives to have fun.

Written in Reader’s classic friendly and accessible style and accompanied by incredible food photography, Beerlicious is this season’s must-have BBQ book. It provides BBQ enthusiasts with fantastic recipes and offers insight about what beers pair best with each dish.

TSG Review

I am a massive fan of Ted reader I have used one of his grilling cookbooks for years and everything I make with it is amazing. I hope this book is as good as that one.
I followed all the recipes exactly as written except most of the recipes I tried used local to Canada beers that are not carried anywhere near me in Indiana. On the plus side Ted does have the tasting notes next to the recipe for each beer he uses. If you can't find the one you are looking for substitute it with something similar. I know so little about beers I asked my liquor store guy and he was very happy to help me find what I needed.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager Honey Mustard

Makes 2 1/2 cups
Mustard takes a lot longer than I thought to make but MAN--is it good and spicy! Easy to make most of the time is spent keeping it in the fridge until ready to blend. I tried it on burgers, brats, and sandwiches and never looked back at my French's until I ran out.

Creemore Pilsner Steak

Serves 4
This was a fine steak but I honestly don't know if it really needed the beer in the marinade, I couldn't taste it. It also had Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce in the marinade that I could taste. Again, this was another beer I couldn't find locally so substituted it with Bier Brewery's Special Kolsch.

Big Wheel Buttered Smoked Brisket

Serves 8+
This one came out all kinds of wrong. This was the first time I used my smoker, ever, and it was pretty cold outside, fall was almost over. I followed the directions and it just wouldn't cook properly and get up to temperature. I should have finished it off in the oven but I was determined to stick with the directions and I went about 4 hours over the recommended time and it still wasn't at the right temp. I am not blaming the book for this recipe, I am fairly certain it was operator error. It didn't taste very good and was tougher than shoe leather but I am sure if I tried again, like in the summer, it would turn out just fine.

Brooklyn Lager BBQ Smoked Pulled Pork with Green Apple Slaw

Serves 12
I'm not sure what the beer does because I really don't taste it in the meat but damn, this was incredibly tasty. Beer brined really tender pulled pork with a crisp apple slaw, the combination went really well together.

Leffe Brune Smoked Extra-Meaty Back Ribs

Serves 2 to 8
You wouldn't think it but a sweet peanut rub on meat is really good! This recipe was a two-parter. I had to make Leffe Brune Peanut Brittle BBQ Rub a few days before making the Leffe Brune Smoked Extra-Meaty Back Ribs. I couldn't find Leffe Brune in my part of the country so I had my liquor store guy look at the Tasting notes and he picked out Rouge Hazelnut Brown Nectar for me. It worked out great. I offered it but no one even put BBQ sauce on it, the ribs were so good as-is.


Full of great recipes with loads of flavor this book is pretty darn good. I don't feel like all the recipes need beer in them but that is the title of the book so maybe Ted felt obliged. The recipes that really worked with the beer were amazing like the ribs. Most of the recipes are for larger groups so they are greet if your hosting a backyard BBQ!