Breakfast Skillet for TwoRoasted red bell and Anaheim peppers, onion, mushroom, sweet potato, fried eggs, and herbed goat cheese.
Pollo AcapulcoA complete Mexican meal that is similar to a fajita with seared chicken and onion strips in a white cheese sauce with a side salad and Spanish rice.
Smoked Salmon ChowderSlightly thick and creamy chowder with potatoes, shallots, celery, and torn pieces of smoked salmon then topped with chives and dill make for a taste of the north-west when you can't get there.
Somali Chicken SoupThis is our take on maraq cad, the Somali soup known for its finishing touches, which are added at the last moment so they retain bright bold flavor and texture.
Early Girl BennyGrit cakes topped with country ham, tomato, spinach, poached eggs, tomato gravy and avocado, served with toast or a homemade biscuit.
Tomato SauceThis is the sauce that my grandmother Concetta made for the entire family when we gathered at my grandparents' house for Monday dinner.
Thai Shroom Frisco MeltThis Frisco Melt has a garlic and spicy kick from the sriracha and mellow sauted mushroom flavor.