HobosHamburger and vegetable dinner cooked in foil packets by the fire.
Tequila Beef StewThe addition of tequila, tomatoes, and cilantro and trading out the potatoes with chickpeas this is a nice Tex-Mex twist on beef stew to warm you up on a cold winters day. 
Black Bean ChiliA very beany thick chili with a hint of cinnamon that will keep you warm in the winter AND in the summer is amazing to make chili cheese dogs with. Put it on a hamburger bun and It also makes a mean Sloppy Joe.
Ropa ViejaYou can throw this in any flour or corn tortilla but the Cuban way is to serve it on a bed of rice.
Sonoran Hot DogThis south of the border bacon wrapped hot dog will have you screaming andale,arriba arriba!