Voodoo Chicken with Gris Gris SauceJust in time for Halloween, a dish that will curse you with fried chicken in a buttery sauce and tons of heat! Simple Cajun breaded chicken on a bed of white rice with a side of a spicy beurre blanc sauce. So simple and good but with a sneaky heat that was like magic and would have you mopping your forehead with your napkin.
Pasta PizzazLouisiana style Penne Rigate pasta and vegetables in a white wine tomato sauce. Makes a great dinner by itself or share it as a side-dish.
RemouladeGreat with crab cakes, tuna cakes, and salmon patties. It's great to dip your shrimp, fish and chips into. Actually it is good alongside any meat. It makes a mean salad dressing too, like a spicy thousand island. Use it as a sandwich or hamburger topping.